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If you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you fix it?

THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN. For decades, we’ve been using the 7 Pillars Training Exercise to help our clients discover if they have gaps in their existing financial plans. If you want to achieve financial soundness, completing this video exercise is the first step to knowing what you don't know.

It’s eye-opening and only takes a few minutes!

What happens after I complete the exercise?

That part is completely up to you. You can use this exercise as a tool to gain awareness and come back to it whenever you’re ready. Or, if you’re curious to learn more about how we help our clients create the future of their dreams, we can hop on a call.

In our experience, we’ve learned that it’s common for people to procrastinate their financial and estate matters. We get it. But the problem with procrastinating is that you're 70% less likely to reach your financial goals within your desired timeline. Your YOUTH really is your greatest asset when it comes to achieving financial freedom. 

The way to create financial independence is to take many small steps along the way, for many, many years. And because you’re still here reading, we want to help support you to trust your curiosity and learn more. All progress in life starts with telling the truth about where you are right now. Completing this exercise is a good first step.

What are you going to do with my name and email address?
From time to time we send valuable information and educational tips to help you improve your level of financial soundness. If you decide you don’t want to hear from us, no hard feelings, simply unsubscribe! We know that information overload is a thing.

Meet the Founders

Jeffrey and Pam Forrest

Founder | Client Services Director

Jeff and Pam are partners in life and business and they are the heart and soul of SOUND Financial & Insurance Solutions.

Early in his career, Jeff realized that the traditional ways of servicing clients in the financial and estate planning industry were flawed. So now he practices in a different way.
Over the past 45 years, Jeff has poured his life into designing holistic and sound solutions that are centered around our clients’ vision, values, family dynamics, and financial situations in order to enhance and preserve their wealth for the long haul. He has led thousands of individuals to experience more peace of mind, less stress, more happiness, and financial abundance.
Pam brings her warm, nurturing personality and attention to detail that our clients love and deserve. She’s a master of organization and administration: ensuring that all of our T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, giving our clients that extra level of confidence that their financial future is in ship shape and their estate and legacy will pass smoothly to their loved ones.
When this dynamic duo is not servicing clients at our San Luis Obispo Headquarters, you might spot them dancing along the boardwalk in Avila beach, tending to their garden, playing with their two furbabies, Rambeau and Frankie, or snuggling with their five grandchildren.
What our happy clients have to say...
"I began seeing Jeff 20 years ago, after he was highly recommended by a friend. At the time, retirement was far from my thoughts, but Jeff got me started on the right foot down the path of financial freedom. After starting a family years later, my wife and I have set up our retirement plans, our estate plan and we now meet with Jeff and his team regularly to determine what new investments to make and we’ve also set up our kids to achieve financial freedom at a young age. Aside from his impeccable wisdom, Jeff is the most positive, high-energy, and caring individual we have ever known. It is evident that he truly cares about his clients and their well-being. We feel very fortunate to know him and always enjoy our time together. His positive energy is contagious and you will leave his office feeling motivated and inspired!"

- The Hall Family

"Our first meeting with Jeff Forrest was back in 1984. We were newly married and starting a family. We wanted to buy our first home but had no idea how to go about it. With advice from my father, we searched for a financial planner, found Jeff, and he rearranged our entire financial future!! He helped us to strategize our financial needs and custom designed a life insurance solution to fulfill our vision for our future. Now it’s 2021, we have raised our family and because of the planning we’ve done over the years with Jeff, we are looking to retire shortly. Jeff has been by our side not only as our financial advisor, but a friend. We are forever grateful for his advice over the years and look forward to lots of fun in retirement!"

- Greg S.

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